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Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 30-07-2018 09:19

2n place doubles man/man at 18 Filipi Camargo & Christian Fernández Repost by @elimoraphoto @lospootter @salima_christian @palautgn @ipsfpolesports @polesportsspain

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 24-07-2018 22:37

Llegó el momento de tomar otra dirección, nuevas puertas se abren, nuevos horizontes y nuevas experiencias! Llevamos un poquito de todos vosotros en nuestro corazón. No es un adiós! Nos veremos! Hasta pronto!!❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 20-07-2018 22:01

Artmove- Studio did it again! Absolutely amazing success in the IPSF World Pole Championships 2018 in Tarragona, 3 gold medals and 1 silver, 3 standing world records, amazing opening show ´Legends never die´ and 7 great artists performing in the gala show vertical. Also big thank you to all guest stars giving workshops in our studio, and everybody who participated! So much magic is created inside these walls. Artmove- Studio is legendary... and Legends never die!!! Gold medals: Albert Amores novice boy (world record), Albert Amores and Gala Sabate novice doubles (world record), Erin Clark parapole (world record). Silver medal: Christian Fernandez and Filipi Camargo doubles man/man.

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 18-07-2018 22:55

Time to rest after worlds, 2nd place in doubles man/man. Amazing Gala Show and so happy to meet my world pole friends once again, this time in my city. Hope you all had wonderful time! Now it’s time to rest for me, I’ll be away for a while.. The MRI I had few weeks ago says that the tendon from supraespinosous on my left shoulder it’s almost hanging and I might need to get into OR.. but.. I’ll be back! Any suggestions or ideas about possibles treatments welcome!

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 09-07-2018 23:41

Looking forward to see everyone at the We see you are coming! Just 4 days to go! Ready to rock! @polesportsspain @artmove_studio @lospootter @ipsfpolesports @pole_championships_spain_ipsf @palautgn @elimoraphoto

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 06-07-2018 19:26

One week to go! This time in our hometown! Ready for worlds! @artmove_studio 🇪🇸 @pole_championships_spain_ipsf @ipsfpolesports

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 03-07-2018 10:06

I had a wonderfully B-day full of things. MRI scan for my injured shoulder and then spending day doing things that I love with who I love. Thanks!!! Love you!

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 03-07-2018 09:59

Starting the day having an MRI Scan for my injured shoulder on my Birthday wasn’t the best plan.. but even after that I had a wonderful day full of things that I love! Love you! @ Restaurante México Cambrils

Autor: ArtMove Studio

Fecha: 01-07-2018 19:57

Un espectáculo impresionante, en Salou, Tarragona, España! No lo puedes perder!!! Los mejores artistas del mundo. Entradas en :

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